Saturday, May 11, 2013

Ice City to Canada... three new songs to check out

In my last post I meant to give you an update of some of the new bay area music I was listening to, but instead it turned into a history lesson about the connections between the Bay and Texas.  Here, without further ado is some of the music I've been listening to.

Pimpton feat. Andre Nickatina - @ThePimpton @AndreNickatina- "Little Darryl"

Pimpton is a Canadian rap artist (who I met a while promoting Mobb Report Radio at the underground concert series Oakland Live_.  My respect for Canada went up 3 notches when I heard his album.

The old school whip, analog turntable and Wu Tang shirt might lead one to think that Canada was about 15 years behind us, but trust me... the music is only 5 years behind us.  By 5 years behind I mean it's BETTER THAN ALMOST ANYTHING THAT'S MADE BY BAY AREA RAPPERS IN 2013.  Let's hope Pimpton and his homies above the border aren't doing swag rap anthems in 5 years.  I have to hold on to the belief that there's somewhere on this planet where music is still hyphy and pure.... even if that place is Regina, Saskatchewan, CA.

I've known about this song ever since the album dropped, but it grows on me more and more with each listen.  THE BEAT IS SO FUCKIN WEIRD....  different from anything he's ever put out.  The atmosphere of the beat takes you back into an era where HD wouldn't exist.

There are several science fiction scenarios that could explain a song like this being created, but I'll go with one:
Imagine there was a DJ/producer who had some kind of transdimensional portal.  The audio output of this portal was hooked up to a copy of Serato Scratch Live, and he could mix and match different eras of sound.  One day he sets the dial on his portal to "random", and on Deck 1 there's some old guy in Tennessee strumming out a bluesy riff on a guitar... and then on Deck 2 he hears a weird cell phone conversation of some young man from North Oakland talking with a friend about what he had for lunch.  He adjusts the tempos to match between the two decks, and next thing you know, he's created this track.  He then thinks a disparaging thought about DJ Shadow's career "post-entroducing" and then calls it a night.

Anyway, as I predicted after the first listen, this song has grown on me.

Antwon @aaantwon "Laugh Now"

I'm not gonna show this guy too much love, cause he's a rapper who's popular with white hipsters and probably get's more than his fair share of blog love already.  Can't hate on the music though.  He mostly makes songs for the bitches, but they're usually good.  This is one of the few songs I could find from Antwon that isn't about eating pussy.  It's about isolation, fear, revenge and other things that I think about more than I should.


  1. Nice music bro def a few new artist 4 me to digest. Benny Hannas is one of my fav's off of No Days Off. And Pimpton goes hard i like his flow. The beat was solid and Nicky came wit a slick verse. His style stands out like a gold chain. I Couldn't have said it better myself.

  2. Was really expecting more references to hockey, moose, maple syrup, and mounties from the Canadian rapper, but oh well.

    "Benny Hannas" is a weird beat. I thought the audio fading in and out was some sort of production error, but Idk. "Baby D" is the song that has really stuck with me from HD's last one.