Saturday, June 1, 2013

Family music: Philthy Rich and A-Wax make songs for their parents

I'm not sure if it's still cool to hate your parents in 2013.  I think kids these days just ignore their parents and sext each other or some shit.

When I was a spoiled teenager (not financially, just spoiled in that my parents didn't beat my ass), I went into my room and played gangster rap loud so loud that it would drive everyone in the house crazy.  Then I refused to turn it down.  Then we fought.  Shit was ugly.  I don't know why I'm going into it.


Seeing as we're about half way between Mothers Day and Father's day, I thought I would share a couple of rappers who have made recent songs about family.

                                                 Philthy Rich @philthyrichFOD "Deadbeat"

An amazing diss track by Philthy Rich against his biological father, Philthy's surprisingly deep song of paternal separation contains a laundry list of reasons why he has no reason to maintain a relationship with his forebearer.

Apparently his pops has been trying to get at him now that he's famous (Eminem had the same issue).  It's become a cliche (editors note: when?  was it ever not?) that people who didn't support an artist when they were on the bottom often try to get at them like it's all love once the artist ascends to the height of glory.  I would think it's gotta be especially hurtful when it's a parent, who's biological duty is to support and nurture their children.

Philthy drops so many gems on this track that I don't have to time to list them.  Almost every line is dripping with depth and emotion.... something I NEVER thought I'd say about Philthy Rich's music.  Game recognize game.

A-Wax @waxfase "Her Mistakez"

Is it stereotyping to say that the difference in subject matter between these two songs illustrates the cliche of white boys being the ones with mother issues?

Unlike a certain other white rapper's "fuck you, I hate you mom!" songs, A-Wax errs towards introspection, rendering a heartfelt tribute to his dysfunctional maternal bonds.  Lines like "see her mistakes, looking at me" and "she chose a man, I chose a gang, so different but yet so the same..." are very well written.  Better, in fact, than this paragraph.  That's why A-Wax get's the big bucks, and I'm stuck eating out of dumpsters and writing blog posts.

I blame it on my mother.  Entirely.

Speaking of the mom's of white rappers, I met Young Dru's mom, drunk outside of a concert venue that I worked for. To her credit she was very proud of her son, making sure to let us know that her "son's a rapper, his name is Young Dru".  She also gave me a burned copy of the 707 Compilation that said "master" on it.  That's a cool ass mom to promote her son like that!

Side 2 Syde @BigThump "Can You Stand The Pain"

I'll end this post with a throwback track from Side 2 Syde about his lack of father and love of mother.

Side 2 Syde dropped what I consider to be a classic album called Sky Ballin back in 1997.  As of the time of this writing it's going for between $30-$200 on Amazon. To paraphrase John Travolta in Pulp Fiction:  "God damn that's a pretty fucking good [album], I don't know if it was worth [$200], but it's pretty fucking good!"

The Side 2 Syde legacy now continues in the form of the rapper Big Thump, who is working on a comeback with a single called Krazy.  

Questions for my readers:
What is your relationship with your parents like?
What was your parents relationship to bay area rap music?


  1. whats good fam checkin in on yo post! like the work your doing bro stay at it! Philthy is dope and Awax is another rapper i like also! Holla back!

  2. Thanks brodie! Appreciate that. Yeah it's crazy cause I used to not feel either of them as rappers, and now I like both of them!

  3. That's a good song by Philthy Rich that I had not heard before! It sounds like the hook was recorded in a tin can for some reason.

    I'm pretty sure A-Wax is not getting the big bucks.

    My parents do not know that I am a very important rap blogger because one time my brother-in-law played 10 seconds of Lupe Fiasco in front of my mother and she reacted like she was hearing Japanese Industrial Noise.

    1. Glad you liked that Philthy track. It was off of Kill Zone, which is by far his best album to date.

      Kill Zone is what finally sold me on Philthy Rich.

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