Sunday, June 23, 2013

Birch Boy Barie - Gorilla Gang Mixtape

Birch Boy Barie is one of the most promising artists I've heard out of Oakland.  He puts out quality mixtapes / albums every few months, is dedicated to telling the truth in his music, and was recently nominated as a top 30 prospect for the Bay Area Freshmen 10.

Here on Mobb Reflectionz we would like to present you with a couple of our favorite tracks from Birch Boy Barie's latest mixtape: Gorilla Gang (Hosted by Young Gully).  If you're you're still sleeping on Birch Boy Barie after listening to these songs, please do the bay a favor and KILL YOURSELF.


                                             Birch Boy Barie - @BirchBoyBarie - "Slidin"

"They not chasin money, these niggas rather beef, I don't know what's goin on, it ain't the same up in these streets, I'm tryna keep from going crazy, so I'm gettin high daily, actavis straight out the bottle got a nigga feelin lazy...."

"G-Team till I die!  Forever we gone slide!"

This is the anthem of the album, and according to Barie the video has already been shot.  Rahlo's epic production and the straight forward sincerity of Barie's lyrics are a perfect match for each other.  This is a good motivational track for the grind!

                                            Birch Boy Barie - @BirchBoyBarie - "Why"

"Every day be the same, why the hell we won't change?
Why we do drugs when it just bring more pain?
All the love I done gave...  why they still hate?
Maybe cause I'm authentic, true to the streets, they can't relate...."

Birch Boy Barie is a very much a street rapper...  but tracks like this that indicate that he's way more than just a trap star.  The song is laid out as a series of questions.  It's dope.  I don't gotta tell you to listen to it, cause it should already be playing out of your speakers.

I'll be writing more about this artist in the future, as his career unfolds.  If you want to get in on the ground floor and be able to say "I was one of the first ones listening to Birch Boy Barie"... NOW is the time.

                       Thizzler's Bay Area Freshmen 10 Prospect Introduction: Birch Boy Barie

You can download a few of his albums here:


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