Saturday, March 23, 2013

"Mo Scratch" in it's historical context

This song is fucking beautiful and grimy at the same time.  They took a sample of a classic E-40 interlude, which itself was a reincarnation from a classic Spice 1 song intro.  Then they put a synth line on it, and drums  that don't sound like a dirty south anthem.

As E-40 would say "Put it all in one and you got some good shit"...

Dubb 20 and D-Dre (Feat. Husalah)  "Mo Scratch"

                                                           E-40 "Chip In Da Phone"
                                Unfortunately you can't find the interlude by itself on Youtube,
                                                 but skip to 1:49 to hear the actual sample.


                                        And finally, Original Version as intro to 187 Proof by Spice 1

Which leads one to the question... is it better to be coolin on the corner with a cellular phone, or marinating on the corner with a chip in da phone?  What is the 2013 equivalent?

What would be your weapon of choice, a Tech-9 or a Chop Suey (Chinese AK-47)?

Actually, neither of these are relevant questions, but shout out to Thomas from 100 Grand On My Wrist, Yeah Life Sucks for giving me the idea of writing sarcastic questions at the end of blog posts.


  1. "Mo Scratch" is such a dope song, I've been playing it nonstop for the last week or so.
    I don't think Spice 1 gets enough credit for how tight his music was because he's not really active anymore.

    I think the 2013 equivalent is taking pictures of yourself on instagram with excessive hashtags :(

  2. The equivalent of being active? Yeah. It seems like too much work to be a photographer / hashtagger and be a rapper at the same time.

    Rappers should get together and form a union so they can demand benefits such as social media management.

    You're right about Spice 1. In fact, you may have just inspired a post. Does writing posts inspired by peoples comments go against blogger ettiquette?

  3. "Does writing posts inspired by peoples comments go against blogger ettiquette?"

    I do it all the time!