Friday, March 22, 2013

The woman I fell in love with

This is the woman I fell in love with.  I know this is the bay where we're supposed to be players, pimps and macks.  I fell off on some simp shit.  Broke up with her a couple years ago.  This song personified what I felt at the time.

Husalah - Pretty Young Thang

We agreed to still be friends, but it became apparent that that wasn't possible.  She always had a reason to not see me.  I think she was protecting herself.  We did admit to eachother over Facebook that we weren't completely over eachother.

At one point she sent me this video.  I don't normally go for Kid Rock's music, but the meaning behind the lyrics had me tearing up.

Kid Rock - All Summer Long

By the time I finally realized that this is the woman I wanted to spend my life with and made my grand profession of love, I believe it was too late.

Now this is the song that resonates with me most heavily.  I would like to extend a warning to those who read this blog.  If you meet a woman that makes you feel at home like no other...  wife that shit up.  Impregnate her.  Hold on to her and never let her go.  Don't let the following video become your story, or let your life become a Shakspearean tragedy.

PSD "Tragedy"


  1. Fuckin women man *hands you a beer*

    I had no idea there was a video for PSD's "Tragedy." I always thought that song was tight on some real sensitive-thug-shit.