Friday, March 29, 2013

Hidden Gems #1

I love finding hidden gems of undiscovered dopeness.  If you're the type of person who only get's into music after it gets a buzz...  well I would talk shit, but honestly I understand the practicality of that approach.  Most people don't have time to scour the internet for new music.  So I'm going to share a few gems I discovered today.  Namely SwayKhan and Coupe Cujo.
Sway Khan "Art Of War" @wakeupswaykhan

Conscious, political and introspective are all words that have attained a cliche place in our lexicon.  This song has all of those elements, with an Oakland street aesthetic.  I think the beat would be something like James Bond would hear if he was tripping on mushrooms.  Jazzy and psychedelic.  This is his first solo track "under the name SwayKhan".  Not sure if he has anything else out, but he has the confidence of someone who's been rapping for awhile.  Fresh but focused.

"Coupe Cujo" "The Smoking Section" @CoupeCujo

This one just sounds fresh.  Real dope talkbox.  I don't remember any talkbox this dope since... well, old school mobb music.  Probably a sample but who gives a fuck.  The video doesn't tell stories, but has an aliveness that fits the music perfectly.

Coupe Cujo "What Is Wrong Promo" @CoupeCujo
Coupe reminds me of Pepperboy because of the sincerity in his voice, albeit much wittier lyrics.  Coupe Cujo drops a lot of jewels on this track.  The beat sounds like it was sampled from something produced by Bill Laswell.  Obscure reference, but here's an example.
I haven't had a chance to


Got any new, undiscovered, hidden gems?  Send them to me at  Don't send your bullshit swag radio singles... just different, undiscovered dope shit.  [In best HD voice]  Thank you!

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  1. waz hapnin fam thx for that Coupe! shit is fly! Yeeeeeeeeee!

    Sav L - FlyAfterHourz