Wednesday, April 3, 2013

If I only do one blog post before I die

I wanted to make sure that I get this out there in case I catch a bullet in the next 24 hours.  If you remember one name in bay area rap, remember the name Ja'seen Seven.  

Musically and personally this is one of the most impressive artists I've ever come across in my life.  Born and raised in East Oakland, Ja'seen has the lyricism, street credibility mindstate to go down in history as one of the best artists to ever come out of Oakland.

Some of his best shit ain't online yet, but here's a couple previews.

Ja'seen Seven - @jaseen7 - Crack (Dope)

To the untrained eye this shit might seem like typical gangsta rap, but if you listen to the lyrics you'll notice he's utilizes multiple lyrical techniques,, from multies and metaphors, to visceral imagery. The mood of this track is enhanced by it's setting in a dimly lit room (most likely a basement or garage) with nothing but a weight bench and 40 Cal / Free Zay graffiti in sight.  Ja'seen rocks a hoodie and a mask, waving a pistol and duct tape as a warning to "fuck niggas" and "ho's".  It doesn't get much rawer than this.

Ja'seen Seven - @jaseen7 - Black Donald Trump

I didn't know that until recently that this was done over Mac Miller's "Donald Trump" beat, because I don't really listen to Mac Miller.  At the time of this posting, Mac's version has 78 million views* and Ja'seens has 119... but I think Ja'seen Seven's version is much better.  Ja'seen drops such gems as "hopefully, I'll be at the top soon, for now I'm passed out, at your house, in yo mom's room, yeah I love a cougar, I'm a shooter, I'm hotter than Yuma, I saw all that booty and we yelled out "HOOVER"!  God damn was that a reference to Ving Rhames in Baby Boy!?

Ja'seen Seven - @jaseen7 - Fuck Yo Feelings
He got an interview coming soon on Mobb Report Radio, but for now you can check out tracks from his current mixtape HERE and look out for his upcoming project "Shoota".

Shout out the homie Clint Collins another east oakland rapper I'm gonna feature very soon, who is also dope and is the one who put me up on Ja'seen Seven.

*78 million views and I didn't even know about it just goes to show how much white people support their own when it comes to rap.  Mac Miller's cool but he ain't THAT good.


  1. I heard that Mac Miller beat covered by another Bay Area rapper not too long ago, but I'm drawing a blank on who it was...Ja'seen seems like a pretty cool rapper.

  2. Yeah bra... With the right mixing and the right original beats I think Ja'seen would murder almost any other rapper in the bay.