Saturday, April 6, 2013

Bavgate sighting

Recently someone asked "what ever happened to Bavgate"?  He hasn't been as active in the last few years as he was in the mid-2000's.  Well, here's the answer, Thomas.  In AUTOTUNE...

Bavgate Feat. Laced "I Know"

And "I know" what your all probably thinking.  This is another attempt to get the radio to "play Bavgate".

I was student in the music program at Youth Uprising before, at the ripe old age of 25 I had to leave.  It was feeling a little weird being in music production classes with 13.  I probably shoulda stuck around as staff or something because they did offer me a job, and that was right before Too $hort got hired on as a Career Counselor.  But [in best Tariq Nasheed voice] I digress...

I remember they had a music conference for the youth, including a panel discussion.  Bavgate was one of the artists representing, and I recall him and Rick Lee getting in a heated argument about how KMEL doesn't support local artists that are hot in the streets.  If I recall, Rick Lee's basic argument was that he tried to get people in during his occasional mix, but that other than that his hands were tied.  Gate wasn't satisfied.  I'm not either.  Hence, MOBB REPORT RADIO, the only station on the internet that don't play nothing but that bay shit!  Again, I digress.

Bavgate "Play Bavgate"

Ironically (or perhaps NOT ironically) this is the only song of Bavgates that I think got any play on KMEL.  He didn't get the heavy rotation he asked for on the chorus, but one of Rick Lee's main defenses was that he did play this song a few times.


I don't like the shit.  But if I gotta hear it I guess I would rather hear it from a bay area gangster rapper than a pussy ass R&B singer (or two) who can't even sing to begin with.

So basically, if I'm hearing Bavgate (or HD), I'd rather it isn't Autotune, but if I HAVE to hear Autotune, I'd rather it is Bavgate or HD.  Make sense?

Looking forward to hearing more new Bav in the future too.


  1. Personally, I don't mind a little autotune or vocoder here and there from my favorite rappers.

    That Bavgate song is pretty horrible. Not really sure what he was thinking with that one besides "I think this is what kids these days like?"

  2. That's a trap a lot of older artists fall into. I don't think older artists should ever try too hard to appeal to the youngsters.

    The most unfortunate example I can think of is this song by D-Shot

  3. Hey... Fuccccckkkkkkk.... This song really sucks! Damn, i woulda hoped Big Bav was up to more hustlapreneurial things like owning businesses at this point in his career rather than making shitty music videos on the patio floor of some southbay Extended StayAmerica hotel...

  4. Yeah I don't know about the owning businesses thing. I think Bav still on some grimy shit. Dude who works at a liquor store on 32nd and San Pablo said he came in there a year or two ago tryna get them to hook him up with free shit because "I'm Bavgate"...

  5. He got new material out on That shit slap! The Grimeyville Blackout is a sleeper. Bavgate is making moves in NY. The Bay is missing some dope music...