Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Ya Hemi: The hardest female rapper in the bay since The Conscious Daughters...

Well I missed Women's History Month, but I'm making up for it with this post.  If there are any radical feminists who are mad about that, they are more than welcome to CLICK HERE.

The reality though is that I love empowered female rappers, especially of the gangster variety.

...Which leads us to Ya Hemi... AKA Queen LaCheefa a female rapper from Oakland, CA, and the best thing to hit the airwaves since The Concious Daughters.  She's repping the HBR click (of Sleepy D and D-Lo fame).  I haven't yet delved into the HBR click archives, but apparently they exist, and three HBR mixtapes can be found on datpiff.  I hope that they feature Ya Hemi prominently, and I'm about to show you why.

Ya Hemi "Get Tha Business" @queenlacheefa

This is the first Ya Hemi track I heard and I was hooked, via SilverNBlackOAK and Shanedogg's "Make The World Burn Vol. 2".  

This is straight up street shit, and while I'm morally opposed to her advocacy of armed robbery, the song slaps and deserves it's shine.  As Ya Hemi puts it "I ain't tryna be cocky, but name a bitch in the streets that's gone stop me".  My first answer is the same as her subsequent adlib.  NONE

This track features Beeda Weeda, in the best sounding performance I've ever heard of his.  Never been on Beeda's stuff that much, but his voice and flow matches the beat perfectly.  Next up is Young Sunny, who's sounds like he's got a southern twang to his voice.  It's not that annoying southern sound that a lot of bay artists try to emulate.  His voice is genuinely interesting, and I want to hear more.

Last is Ya Hemi, who let's us know what she's about with the line "I'm wit the shit, you niggas can save hip hop".  This is an important line, in that she firmly establishes what lane she's in and that she's not trying to please everybody... a quality sorely lacking in an age where most rappers try unsuccessfully to have universal appeal instead of just doing them and staying true to themselves.

Here at Mobb Reflections we're both WIT THE SHIT and SAVING HIP HOP at the same time.  How bout that!  Try that! [In my best Ja'seen Seven voice]


Ya Hemi "Fuck You" @queenlacheefa86

This one got 15,000 views.  I'm not feelin the beat as much as the previous ones, but the video is shot well, and the presence of so many people in the background gives creedance to her intro line "If I wanted you dead, nigga, I would paypal your hit, ya hear me?"

I hope to hear a lot more from Ya Hemi AKA Queen Lacheefa in the future.  Check her out.
YA HEMI Twitter
YA HEMI Facebook

And my favorite female rappers of all time:  THE CONSCIOUS DAUGHTERS
RIP Karryl Smith AKA "The Special One"

The Concious Daughters "We Roll Deep" @The_Daughters

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