Saturday, April 6, 2013

Did Fairfield, CA have the best Mobb music song of all time?

E.Z.S.D. "Puttin In Work"
I just came across this track from pioneering Fairfield group E.Z.S.D.... and I'm at a loss for words.  There's nothing about this song that isn't dope as fuck, from the beat, to the lyrics and flow.  This is what old school Mobb Music sounded like at it's best, and the emotion it evokes is similar to the one I felt when listening to E-40's The Mailman E.P. for the first time.

By Mobb Music connoisseur standards I'm sure I'm late as hell on this shit... but I have an excuse.

In junior high school I was too poor to afford the majority of classic Mobb albums at the time.  I would be lucky to get enough yardwork from my grandparents at 3 dollars an hour to buy a tape from the Wherehouse.  I remember tapes being like $7 or $8 at the time.  I got them instead of CD's because they were cheaper, however I switched to CD's as soon as I actually tried one.  I still miss the analog warmth of tapes.  What y'all youngsters know about that?

...a long way of saying that I never owned West Coast Bad Boyz Vol. 1.  This song is on that, and on the Game 2 Be Sold album.  And on YouTube.

The rapper featured on this track is Skip Dog of E.Z.S.D.  I'ma look into more of his work, but in the meantime you can check out the website for his record label HERE if you want to get up to date on the shit.

Speaking of Fairfield, you should definitely check out the Mobb Report Radio Interview we did with Shill Macc, who I personally think is the best recent generation rapper out of fairfield right now.  Here's the video of his that made me a fan:

                                                   Shill Macc @ShillMacc "My Hunger"

We gonna get more into Shill Macc at a later date.  Be on the lookout for his upcoming album and download Beautiful Scars, his last one for free HERE.

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